Verve /verv/ noun:  energy, pep, liveliness, elan, vigor, buoyancy, gusto, sparkle, brio, spirit


Good placemaking gives us communities with VERVE.  

Placemakers are the change agents who power ideas – big and small – into actionThey ask “what if?” and leverage passion, relationships, research, resources and stick-to-itiveness to make (and re-make) great places for people

Pedestrian access, mobile seating, green space and gardens, public art and streets bursting with visual interest are examples of physical amenities of placemaking.  So, too, programming and activities that invite citizens to interpret history of place, explore culture, sustain a local economy, interact with others, participate in health, and experience joy within the public realm. Storytelling presents and keeps place in writing, picture, film, recipe, art and spoken word.

Many threads make a rich tapestry.  The bold strokes and fine details of placemaking require creativity, innovation, partnerships and people power.  Verve’s Placemaker’s Post celebrates placemakers who get up each day and get busy making our communities great.