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Conversation sparks familiarity, invites affinity, establishes shared values, and is a crucial attribute of community building. Hosted conversations provide a structured, creative and productive avenue to shape powerful questions, explore difference, capture ideas, and formulate solutions to challenges that vex our organizations and communities. Contact Verve to learn how we can help you catalyze a community conversation. 


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Stakeholders are the people who hold an interest in or contribute to community success and vitality.  Engagement sparks action, serving as link between pondering and problem solving.  Leveraging community strengths and commitment, stakeholder engagement varies and is driven by the questions “who is already at the table” and “who is not at the table who needs to be?”  Contact Verve to learn how you can initiate and refine stakeholder engagement.


“Telling our story” establishes context, frames need, challenges assumptions, celebrates success, highlights defining features, imagines “what if?” and provides artifacts for meaning making and future reference.  Contact Verve to learn how we can help you craft guiding documents, harvest stakeholder stories, research policy and best practice, narrate, name, or nominate your organization’s or community’s best self.